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Education Programs and Services

Students and parents are encouraged to use our educational links and school resources to enhance their child’s academic growth. Children and our students can practice using online programs and online educational links in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, Phonic, Spelling, etc. When your child needs practice or work to improve their skills, have them visit the Griffin Foundation Schools, Education Programs and Services website page.

We also have educational resources, program services, and school information posted on this website. You can find our school Breakfast and Lunch menus, School Calendars, and Homework Schedules. In addition, we list our School Supply lists, and School Events, as well as school information to stay abreast of current activities on our campus. Parents, stay in contact with us by visiting our website or calling the school for a tour. Also invite your family members and friends to visit our school and/or website. Learning more about our great school programs and meet our teachers and staff. We are open year around to serve the public.

We understand that parents, students, and teachers working together enhance a child’s education. By working together to accomplish State standards, we can achieve high academic, behavioral and social goals for our students. Therefore, all of us are expected to make the following commitment when you enroll your child/children in one of our schools. We have a District Compact agreement that is signed by all parties involved to ensure that we all have the same goals and work toward high student growth to achieve success.

The Raising Expectation policies were enacted to focus attention on the value of academic achievement and to increase accountability. As part of our Title I program accountability policies and Parent Involvement guidelines, the Griffin Foundation enacted certain procedures to focus attention on the value of academic achievement and to increase accountability. These guidelines were implemented to ensure that our students’ experiences at the Griffin Foundation Schools are positive, enjoyable, and productive.

Education Links

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