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Educational Links

The Griffin Foundation has brought together a collection of online educational tools and resource to help students develop their reading, writing and math skills. Along with our positive in-class learning environment, these tools can help your child in fun and engaging ways! It’s important to help early learners develop their reading and math skills. 

Children should practice for at least 30-45 minutes per day to develop their skills in the various subject areas. Give you child the opportunity to grow and develop academically at home. Use their time wisely rather than teaching them habits that are nonproductive such as playing video games or watching television.

Parents, if you are searching for a quality school that focuses on your child’s academic achievement and personal growth to include goal setting skills and self confidence as a building block, please come tour our schools and meet our staff. Our doors are open to the public Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.




-Open Chrome or any browser
-Type in the address bar:   classroom.google.com
-Hit Enter
-Under Choose an account
-Hit ‘Try Another Account’, ‘Go To My Classroom’, or ‘Use Another Account’ (Whichever you see).
-Type your child’s assigned student email (first name, last name initial@griffinfoundation.org) Sample student email: joeyf@griffinfoundation.org
-Hit Next
-Type your child’s assigned password, if you don’t know it, contact your child’s teacher: —————
-You will see Welcome to your new account
-Click ACCEPT in the Blue Box
-You will see your child’s classroom or classrooms
-Hit JOIN to accept teacher invitations to classroom or classrooms

NOTE: Teachers will have instructional information, additional resources and applications in their google
classroom during the school year that the students can use to learn various applications.  Students can post
questions and comments to teachers.  Email your teachers if you have any questions.

       MyOn Reader

        A program that provides access to books for students anywhere for on the go reading.

Early Literacy, Star Reading, and Star Math  Seven Reasons to Live Your Life in Pencil | Psychology Today

A program to spark growth in math and reading skills



Study Island 

A fun program to helps students improve their math, ELA, science and social studies skills in a fun an amazing way in just 30 minutes a week.



Khan’s Academy 

You can learn anything! From math and engineering to economics and finance, our free world-class education program is availab

le to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a great way for your child to get help with what they’re learning in school or to learn something completely new.



Plato Courseware

A state of the art program that will help your student improve their learning and studying skills in innovative ways!





These sites have both math and reading for children to enjoy.


Enjoy these free fun games and apps to help kids with a wide variety of skills.



Math Playground

Math games and more! Help kids with problem solving skills with this fun games and puzzles




Learn to read with phonics with this fun and unique program.


These site has both games and lessons for children to enjoy.

Learn Online: Count On Us 

Check out this collection of games and lessons for children to enjoy



Additional resources

The following links are separated by subject:


Science Websites:

Habitats Cell Videos Parts of a Fish Let’s Talk About Insects StarChild
Rocks and Soils Space Tour Pushes and Pulls Camouflage CellsAlive
Land Habitats Describe Weather Rocks Change The Solar System DictionaryOfCellBiology
Microscopy Protist Video Protozoa Food Fight Ecogame


Math Websites:

Mathletics Counting More Money Comparing Amounts of Money  Dinosaurtrain Shapes Place Value
Numbers to 100 Shark Place Value Cross the River Fraction Game Estimating Solid Figure Factory
 Best Friends Word Problems Puppychase Decimal Shuttle Launch Save the Apples Subtraction Basketball
That’s a Fact Addition is Fun Funky Mummy World Cup Math Word Problems Hoops
Length Strength: Paper Clips Days of Fun Meet Paul Pattern Flower Power What Comes Next?
Subtract to Compare Fireflies Seashell Search Adding Bricks Oochina the Archeologist
Greater Than or Less Than Busy Bees Find Squigly What Time is It? Measure It
Prime Number Egg Connect By 5 and 10 Connect the Dots Dive for the Treasure Great Day for Number Lines
Multiplication Practice Telling Time Days and Dates Which Tool? Length Strength: Inches
Solid Figures and Plane Shapes


Reading Websites:

Loosey Goosey Rhymes Roy the Zebra Cat at Bat Treasures High Frequency Words
ABCs Between the Lions Reggie’s Rhyming Game Clifford Arthur
StoryLine Compare and Contrast Making Inferences Alphabet Zoo Rhyming Words
Rhyme’s With Digby Rhyme Time Syllables Factory Sandcastle Spelling Quiz Reading Games
Alphabet Zoo Rhyming Words Rhyme’s With Digby Word Drop Name the Picture
Long Vowels Fly By Contractions  ISmartboard


Social Studies Websites:

Community Helpers The Great Habitat Match-Up World Atlas The All Star River Explorers Explore a Pyramid
The First Thanksgiving Famous People Meet Martin Colonial Fashion Show U.S. Landmarks Hangman
Maps: Visit the Zoo Types of Land United States Hangman My Neighborhood Welcome to the City
Meet the Wampanoag Planning a Trip to FunWorld MLK “I Have a Dream” Speech You’re a Grand Old Flag Shape It Up – Erosion Activity
Ancient Egypt  Revolutionary War US Presidents States and Capitals Civil War


Writing Websites:

Grammar Games Spelling Match What’s in the Bag? (Details) Word Builder
Sentence Clubhouse


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