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Homework Schedules by School and Grade

The Griffin Foundation School District would like to share the Read 20 Arizona initiative to you, in hopes that it will encourage early literacy in your home. We emphasizes the importance of an adult reading to a child for 20 minutes a day or having a child read to them for 20 minutes. Read 20 AZ is an Arizona Department of Education initiative to encourage early literacy. The Read 20 AZ message is simple: read early, read often, and read together. Reading aloud is a powerful tool in early literacy. When infants are read to, their brains begin preparing to learn words. With the alphabet and years of stories under their belts, young children have the building blocks to start sounding out words.

At the Griffin Foundation Schools, students are given homework daily to re-enforce what they have learned in the classroom. Only through practice do students improve their skills. Kindergarten students turn in their homework packet each Friday. There is no homework on Fridays for elementary students. Middle school students are given homework Monday through Friday, and homework is checked each morning for completeness before the start of class. To build a solid foundation students are held accountable for their work. It is important to develop excellent study habits and routines early in a child’s life. As a preparatory school, we focus on preparing students for the future and to attain skills of higher learning.


Children Reaching for the Sky Elementary School 

Dad and son sitting at a table doing homework together

CRS Homework Schedule



Future Investment Middle School 

Girl doing homework, writing in a notebook with books and reading



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