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2017-2018 Picture Gallery

The Griffin Foundation schools have gathered pictures of our school events to share with parents, students, friends, and family members. Hopefully these pictures will give you an experience of what our campus environment is like and share with you a variety of activities we conduct each school year to bring fun, education, parent involvement, student academic recognition, and public support to our schools. Please join us on a tour of our campus and meet our teachers, staff, and faculty.


















The Principal’s Award

The Principal’s Award is an important part of The Griffin Foundation School District. It is the highest possible award a student at GFSD can achieve and thus is intended to be achieved by students who make exemplary contributions to the school during the school year. The Principal’s Award motivates children to reach their goals and achieve a noteworthy honor. This achievement is a great way to express the principal’s pride and support for academic achievement, and it is a popular award with youngsters that recognizes a student’s exceptional achievements.



Kindergarten                                                                             1st Grade


2nd Grade                                                                            3rd Grade


4th Grade                                                                            5th Grade


Truly Nolen’s Bug Presentation













8th Grade Class – Future Investment Middle School

(Only 16 Eighth Grade classes were selected to take the Science assessment in the State of Arizona). These students also received a certificate for 1 ½ Community Service credit hours.














 I Love My School Because…

                                  Written by our 3rd through 5th grade students.


By: Paloma                           By: Alison

By: Clarissa                          By: Lucius

By: Abigail                             By: Azriel






































Highly Proficient Awardee on both sections of AzMERIT:

Highly Proficient Awardees on one section and  Proficient on the other section of AzMERIT:




Proficient Awardees on one or both sections of AzMERIT:



Awardees and parents enjoying GFSD AzMERIT pizza party:







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